Scene 6

I’m standing at the sink doing dishes. I decide I might as well do them all because I can’t remember exactly which are mine.

I get to the last two or three and T, who had stood there watching the whole time, says, “You know almost all of them were mine.”

I wonder
who’s arms would I run and fall into
if I were drunk
in a room with everyone
I have ever loved

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The problem is that I think I know.

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Until Further Notice

Scene 5

Chocolate milk out of wine glasses for dinner. And dinners at like 8 PM because of work.

Until Further Notice Episode 2

I’ve been going through old tweets and have the following scenes to add to the TV show.

Scene 3

D gets out of her room and stands in the hall way.

D: Do you smell something burning?

T from his bedroom with the door shut.

T: Don’t worry. I’m just burning paper.

Scene 4

T is cooking an elaborate meal. Steak and mushrooms probably.

D makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and eats 3 blocks of raw cookie dough.


"Fantastic Humor"


"Fantastic Humor"

Until Further Notice

My roommate and I have an idea for a TV show. We’re going to call it “Until Further Notice” and it’s going to detail the dumb crap that happens in our lives. Honestly, it would probably be pathetic more than funny, but people would still watch it. The tagline would be something about “And we always thought 25 year olds were adult.”

Scene One

T: Hey! I’ve been meaning to ask you…

D: To do my dishes???

T: No… But that would be nice…

D: To take my wet laundry out of the washer?

T: Nope… Keep going…

D: To not leave dirty clothes behind the bathroom door?

T: You’re never going to get there… I’ve been meaning to ask if you care if I use this cough medicine.

D: Oh. Just that. Yeah. Sure.

T: Good. I’ve already finished half of it.

Scene 2

We’re sitting in the corner of a bar at 10:30 on Friday night hiding from a bunch of people I know and don’t want to talk because they’re drunk and I’m anti social. He orders Chili Cheese Fries and I order a drink. We have a lovely conversation about the weather and other dumb stuff and leave promptly by 11:30.

That’s as much as we’ve got this far, but we have a killer list of reoccuring characters, including a quick 5 year old and the friend that everyone loves that isn’t around nearly enough.

Honestly, it would probably be like New Girls. Lots of knitting. Lots of Netflix. 

I love the idea of you.

-Six Word Story